Sunday, 24 July 2016

Icona Milano- Emotion Allowed Mascara

Recently I uploaded a blog post on my Glossybox. Inside it, I said that I received this mascara by Icona Milano which is a brand which I have never heard of before. I have been wearing this mascara every day since receiving it and I can honestly say I love it. This mascara really elongates my lashes and makes them so much longer and really enhances my eyes. The colour of this mascara is also extremely black which I love.

The one downside to this mascara is just how waterproof it is! I understand that its purpose is to be waterproof and it really does do an amazing job of doing so but it is just so difficult to take off at the end of the day. I have found that the only way to take it off is by using the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Water which really breaks it down and makes it 10x easier to remove.

Overall I do think this is an amazing mascara and would really be ideal for being round the pool on holiday as it won't budge at all.

Have you tried this mascara, what are your opinions?

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