Friday, 5 August 2016

Iconic London- Multi Use Cream Contour Palette

At first, I was a bit wary of purchasing this as a lot of celebrities are sponsored by this brand and post Instagram pictures of them using it. I wasn't sure weather it was a genuinely good product or they were just posting about it for the money but I splurged out £33 for this and I haven't regretted it one bit.

Before this, I hadn't tried any contour palette ever and I didn't know what to expect. Using cream contour is definitely more time consuming than using powder but gives a more defined finish to your face and does look alot better. I normally use this palette when I have more time to spend on my makeup to blend the products out. The way I apply this is by painting it on where I would normally apply contour and then blend it out with a damp makeup sponge.

I tend to use he shade at the top right to highlight under my eyes as it gives me a brightening effect and really enhances that area of my face. I then use the bottom middle shade to contour. I find that these are the best shades for my fair skin tone but you may have to use the darker shades if you have a darker skin tone.

 Have you tried this contour kit? What are your opinions?

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