Saturday, 9 July 2016

Makeup Revolution: Brand Review

Makeup Revolution is a new brand to me but I honestly think it is amazing! This brand is available in Superdrug here in the UK which is really handy. It is also ridiculously cheap; you can get eyeshadow palettes from just £4 which is mad! I honestly couldn't recommend this brand enough to you. They do actually sell makeup brushes aswell which I haven't got round to trying yet but I will soon.

So the first product I got from this brand was the Beyond Flawless eyeshadow palette which has 32 eyeshadows in! I only paid £8 for this product which is crazy considering the amount of product you get in it. One thing I love about this brand is that all the palettes you get have mirrors in them which is always a bonus. In all honesty, I do think that this palette is worth the money; however, some of the shades are not as pigmented as other palettes you can get from this brand for a lower price. Below are some swatches of some colours from this palette, as you can see, they do have a nice colour but could have more pigment to them.

Next up is the Iconic 3 palette. This is by far my favourite palette by Makeup Revolution palette and it comes in at just £4 which is barely anything. The pigment in this palette is absolutely crazy, I am so impressed with it. This is actually meant to be a dupe for the Naked 3 Palette which I don't actually own but from looking at pictures, it really does look so similar. Below are some swatches from this palette, as you can see the colours are so pigmented it's amazing!

Next up is the Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice. I'm not going to lie, I am not the biggest blush fan but I am trying to branch out and try more and I thought this palette was the right place to start. This palette was £6 which means each blush comes in at less than a pound each. My favourite shades in this are the middle 2, I feel they give such a subtle peachy pink shade. You definitely need to be careful with how much you apply as they are so pigmented. Below is a picture of the swatches from this palette.

The final product I own from Makeup Revolution is the Ultra Contour Palette. This is definitely a dupe for the Anastasia contour palette. The shade I use to bronze all over the face is the bottom left shade and then use the shade next to it to contour. I sometimes struggle finding a good contour shade for my pale skin as they can come up as muddy but this one is ideal. I also love setting my under eyes with the banana shade! My favourite shade in this palette is the top right one! It does look very white in the pan but when used as a highlight it gives the brightest glow (dupe for The Balm, Marylou Manizer). Below are swatches for this palette.

Overall, I think this brand is amazing and I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone. For the price you pay, the pigment you get is stunning and I honestly did not expect it.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products? What is your favourite?


  1. The palettes seem really nice x

    1. You should definitely try them out when you get chance x