Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Favourite Moisturisers For Dry Skin!

I have extremely dry skin so it can be difficult finding a moisturiser to combat that. Over the years I have tried endless moisturisers and none of them seem to disguise my dry patches which I get all around my face. Recently I have found a couple which have worked but I am still on the hunt for a perfect formula which I will love.

Clinique- Moisture Surge
So this is the more expensive of the 2 and evidently the better one. This little pot costs £34 and I purchased this in the airport and it really did my skin wonders for the plane. The formula of this is like a gel which is really refreshing on the skin which I love. Sometimes moisturisers can feel greasy on the skin but this one really sinks into the skin and hydrates it.

The Body Shop- Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
This one comes in alot cheaper than the Clinique moisturiser as just £12 which I think is amazing for a good skincare product. I always trust The Body Shop with skincare and this is no exception. This moisturiser is a cream formula but it just feels so hydrating on the skin and is quite thick so it really feels like it is soaking into your skin. I would say though that because this is so thick, I would apply it at night to get the full benefit.

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