Monday, 8 August 2016

Favourite Morphe Brushes- Face

Morphe is a brand which I have only discovered in the past 6 months or so. I live in the UK so the way I order Morphe products is through the website Before finding this brand, I was always a Real Techniques lover but I do find that they are pricey compared to Morphe. I really love how affordable these brushes are and how amazing their quality is.

The first brush I love is the E2 brush. I'm not actually sure if this brush is available anymore as I knew that they were cancelling the Elite collection. However, I still thought I would talk about it as I really love it. I use this brush for powder foundation and I really think it gives a good full coverage because the bristles are quite dense. I wouldn't use this brush for normal powder as it may look cakey but for powder foundation it is amazing.

The next brush is the M426 tapered duo powder brush. I like to use this brush for applying normal powder to my face. This brush isn't too big so it is suitable to put powder under the eyes. It is also amazing for baking under the eyes and really packing the product on. Sometimes, I also like to use this for a natural highlighter look. As the brush isn't too dense and isn't too small, it makes the highlighter look alot more natural than using a more precise brush.

The next brush is the M501 brush. I actually bought this brush because Jaclyn Hill said it was her favourite highlight brush and I definitely trust her opinion. This brush is really precise and really makes your highlight look amazing. I would definitely recommend this brush for when your'e after an intense look.

The final brush is the M458. This brush doesn't have a massive part in my makeup routine but is really essential. I use this brush for my nose contour. I find that this brush is dense enough to be able to just pat on the powder to my nose and is just the most perfect size. I really love this brush.

Have you tried any Morphe brushes? What are your favourites?

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