Friday, 5 August 2016

Favourite Rimmel Lipsticks

Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore brands by a mile. I find that they have such a diverse range of products and all products are such amazing quality for the small price tag that comes with it. I have been using Rimmel for years now and I love certain products by them such as their nail polishes and their concealers, but their lipsticks top everything off.

Rimmel have lots of categories in their lipstick section such as their moisture renew or their lasting finish collection but my favourite by a mile are the Kate Moss lipsticks.

The first one I love is the Lasting Finish in the shade 03. This is not my usual finish of lipstick as it is not a matte lipstick. Saying this, I still love this lipstick as it is not too shiny and does not slide around my lips like others I have tried in the past. The shade of this is very nude and has a hint of brown to it rather than a pink tone. This colour looks lovely on light skin but I would definitely recommend wearing a lipliner under this.

The other lipstick which I love is the Lasting Finish by Kate- Nude Collection in the shade 45. This is actually also not matte which is really strange! I have actually tried a Kate Moss matte lipstick and found it too drying but this lipstick isn't obviously shiny and glossy and does dry nicely. I find that this lipstick does stay in place all day aslong as I use a lipliner like the other one. You can find a post on my 2 favourite Rimmel Lipliners here. This colour is more of a nude colour with a purple undertone which may sound odd but I really do think it looks lovely and the purple isn't overpowering. 

Have you tried any Rimmel lipsticks? What are your favourites?

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