Thursday, 18 August 2016

L'Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil

So in a previous post, I have discussed the cushion foundation by L'Oreal which was released with this product. The general gist of this product is that it is a cushion which is soaked in the bronzer which you then dab a sponge or brush on to then apply to your face which I think is such an odd thing which is why I was so intrigued.

Lets start off with the packaging! I love the overall packaging and think it is so sleek and compact and has a lovely mirror in it which is so handy for travelling! I also love the colour of this! I especially love how this bronzer is a liquid which I have never heard of before. I had heard of cream and powder bronzer but this is essentially a liquid.

 The actual product itself is lovely. It leaves your skin looking like you've been to the Bahamas for a week. You look so sunkissed and glowy after it.The best part of this product is how natural it looks! The texture of it means that it blends in so lovely and looks like it's part of your complexion. I honestly would recommend this to absolutely anyone!

Have you tried this product|? What are your opinions?

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