Wednesday, 24 August 2016

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

I purchased this mascara around 3 weeks ago after hearing everyone loved it months ago. I just never got round to actually buying the mascara despite all the good reviews. The packaging of this mascara is actually really nice. It looks as if it is a more modern style with the purple lid but also looks really sleek paired with the black. 

From looking at the brush wand, I presumed that this mascara woukd give me both length and volume which I thought would be amazing.

After trying this product, I actually really hated it. This mascara made my eye lashes so clumpy and spider like. It did give my lashes volume but then didn't spread them out and made them look horrible.

I heard so many amazing reviews about this product so I'm really not sure why I have been having bad experiences with it!

Have you tried this product? How was your experience with it?


  1. I've not tried it but I don't think I will now, great honest review!
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

    1. I've seen so many amazing reviews so I'm not sure why I had this experience with it but thankyou for your lovely comment x