Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Benefit- 3D Browtones

Since Benefit have done their new brow collection- I have been seriously up for buying every single product but my bank balance definitely can't handle that! This one was the one which struck my eye in particular. I take pride in my eyebrows and anything which will make them look better, I am willing to invest in. This product is essentially highlights for your eyebrows!

First of all, i love the packaging of this! I really love the whole brow collections packaging, it looks so professional. I love how everything is in a silver packaging and is so sleek. This packaging in particular I love, I love the top bit too it and think it definitely stands out.

I think I expected this to be a bit more extreme than it is. I expected it to be extremely shimmery and obvious to the eye but it really isn't. Although this product isn't what I expected, I do still like it. It gives colour to it but not too much (definitely buildable) and gives a gorgeous subtle shimmer which you can tell. In all honestly, I don't think that this product is absolutely necessary but if you are a big brow lover like me then it is something which will enhance your brow experience and is definitely a lovely product!

Have you tried any of these Benefit brow products, let me know your thoughts!

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