Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Favourite Eyeshadow Brushes

I am very, very picky on which brushes I apply my eyeshadow with which is why I thought I would let you know what my top 5 favourites are. I can't stand my eyeshadow not being blended so I need a really soft blending brush to do the job (or 5). I also need brushes to pack eyeshadow on- because who doesn't love packing on glitter to your lids? All of these brushes are reasonably priced and amazing quality so I really would recommend them.

Zoeva- 227 Soft Definer
This brush is really nice for applying the base colours to your lid! Seems like such a boring reason to have a brush but it is definitely necessary. This brush is incredibly soft and applies colours to your lid seamlessly. I wouldn't recommend using this to pack product on but for all over lid colours it is perfect!

Morphe- MB23
This is my favourite brush for blending everything out. It is larger than normal so it blends the edges out amazingly. I normally use this after applying product to my crease to just soften the edges and I haven't found a brush which is better at doing that than this. This brush was so, so cheap and for the quality I really would say it is a staple.

Spectrum- B06
I use this brush for applying product to my crease and outer third. I absolutely love the design of this brush and think it is absolutely gorgeous. The size of this product means that it is perfect to fit right in the crease but the fluffiness of it means that it applies seamlessly and doesn't just pack the product on the lid.

Morphe- G14
This brush is a recent purchase of mine and also a new find. I have been using Morphe brushes for ages but I haven't used the gun metal brushes before and I love how professional they are and how sturdy they feel! I normally use this brush for applying glitter all over the lid as it packs the product on and reduces the fall out so much because of how dense it is.

Morphe- B70
The final brush in my favourites collection is this Morphe brush. This brush is actually quite big which is why I love it for applying a colour all over the lid. This brush is dense so it makes the colour more pigmented rather than the first brush I talked about which will give more of a sheer coverage for more of a base I really like this brush and think it is amazing for the price just like all the others I have talked about.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite brushes?

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