Friday, 9 September 2016

Kat Von D- Shade & Light Palette

I ALWAYS struggle with finding the perfect contour shade because everything just seems to look orange and muddy on my skin so I thought a palette like this where it has different tones in would suit me. I love how you get so many different shades in this palette and I also love how you get powder options for under your eyes to highlight with. Overall I think this palette is such a good concept and I actually really love the packaging aswell. I love how its actually really simple but the only thing I would say is that I struggle to read the font on the front!

Please excuse the mess of the palette as I have been using it for a good 3 weeks now. I definitely wanted to make sure that I 100% knew I loved this palette before writing a post about it so i could give an honest review. I tend to go for the contour shade on the far left as it is the one most suited to my fair skintone. If i was going for a moe bronzy look, I would go for the centre shade as it is more warm toned. I like to use the top left shade to highlight under my eyes with as it really brightens them and lifts the face. The only thing I would say about this palette is that it is ridiculously pigmented so you really do need the littlest product or it will look like a line of mud on your face! Overall, I think this palette is incredible and definitely worth the money because this will last me forever!

Let me know contouring palettes you recommend in the comments!


  1. This palette sounds really good! I saw it when I was in Sephora and was so tempted to get it but then decided I didn't need another contouring palette! x

    1. I really do love it but I didn't have another contour palette which I loved! x