Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Pandora Bracelet- charm meanings

I recently received a Pandora bracelet for my 18th birthday which I was so excited about! I see so many blog posts about peoples bracelets and the charms on them. Alot of peoples charms also have meaning to them and I love to read about that, so I thought I's share with you the meanings that all of mine give.

When I received this bracelet, I also received the swan charm on the very left for obvious reasons. This charm has cubic zirconia stones in it which makes it look stunning! The next charm to the right of the swan is a charm which I received off my brother for my 18th. This is a pendant charm which I love because it adds some diversity to the charms and is different compared to the others. On the pendant, it says 'sweet sister' on which is really lovely. The next charm I actually bought myself from New York. This is the Disney castle which I absolutely love because I am a massive Disney enthusiast!

The heart lock with the key attached I received off my boyfriend for my 18th again. I think this charm is super cute and has alot of meaning to it. The primrose next to it is actually a clip-not a charm. This is to stop the charms from siding everywhere but I really like how it adds bit of colour to the bracelet. The next charm is a shell which I actually purchased because my favourite film is The Little Mermaid. This has cubic zirconia stones in again just like the swan which makes it look stunning. The final charm in my collection is my NYC apple charm. I bought this in New York as something to remember it by. This apple says NYC on the front of it and has a gold detail for the leaves on the top of it. I really love this charm as it reminds me of the amazing holiday I had.

Have you got a Pandora bracelet? What charms have you got?

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