Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Superdrug- Naturally Radiant Skincare Collection

I've recently been looking for some new skincare because my skin isn't co-operating at all. Every product I seem to try out works for a month or too and then stops so I always have to change up my skincare regime. I've been really in to cleansers lately and love them for getting the last bit of my makeup off and really clearing my skin of every last bit. I love my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (which I did a blog post about) and wanted something similar and this Superdrug home hot cloth cleanser seemed like a good match.

I tend to be in a rush to get in bed most nights and like my skincare regime to be as quick as possible! I start off by taking off my makeup with the Garnier Micellar Water which I have loved for a ridiculously long time now. This micellar water takes off the majority of my makeup but I always feel like there is a little bit of makeup left on my face. I then go ahead and put warm water all over my face and then rub some of the cleanser all over my face and massage it in. The cleanser actually comes with a cloth to wipe off the cleanser, so I go ahead and soak the cloth in hot water before gently wiping it all over my face. You can see how much makeup gets left on your face by the colour of the cloth after. I really do feel like this cleanser really gives my skin a deep clean. I also feel like my face is extremely soft after using both the cleanser and the serum. 

The Serum and Moisturiser is a 2 in 1 which I love because I am always looking for a quick way to make sure my skin is getting its daily routine. I really love the texture of this product and how it feels like it melts into your skin. Unlike other moisturisers, it does not feel greasy at all and I really feel like it smooths out my skin.

Have you tried these products or have any skincare suggestions?

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