Hello! I'm Emma and welcome to my blog. I'm 18 and currently living in the UK. At the moment I am in college studying Media Production and will hopefully soon be going to university to study marketing and digital media.

I'm new to this 'blogging' thing but i'll try my hardest. I'm obsessed with makeup (and i mean obsessed). I spend the majority of my time either working or spending the money from working on makeup.  I spend way to much time on my phone but doesn't everyone else? If i'm not doing any of these then i'm probably watching hours of TV series. I love Game of thrones, Skins, Orange is the new black and about 100 more that I can't think of.

This blog will probably consist of me rambling on about makeup (my favourite topic) and sharing my opinions and thoughts with you. I'll also throw some random posts in there like trips i've been on or a general life update. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as i'll enjoy you reading it!

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